Cine Argentino en el MIFF

CHINESE TAKE-AWAY (UN CUENTO CHINO), A film by Sebastian Borensztein
(Argentina/Spain, 98 min, 2011)
Ricardo Darín is hilarious in this touching cross cultural comedy of a Chinese immigrant lost in Buenos Aires. US PREMIERE

Sat., March 10th, 7:00pm (Olympia Theater)

The director of the film Sebastian Borensztein will be present at the gala.
LAS ACACIASA film by Pablo Giorgelli
(Argentina/Spain, 85 min, 2011)
Winner of Caméra d’Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, lonely truck driver Rubén who picks up Jacinta and her baby for a ride full of revelations.
Monday, March 5th, 6:15pm (Regal 10); Tuesday March 6th, 9:15pm (Regal 18)
PORFIRIO A film by Alejandro Landes
(Argentina/Colombia/ France, Spain, Uruguay, 106 min, 2011)
An artful study of the frustrations of day-to-day life for the magnetic paraplegic Porfirio Ramirez, who plays himself. Landes questions narrative and documentary in this hypnotically quiet and fascinating film, lauded at the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. US PREMIERE
Tuesday, March 6th, 7:00 pm(Tower Theater1); Thursday, March 8th, 9:30 pm (Tower Theater2)
(Argentina, 89 min, 2011)
Beatriz should be worried about her husband Luis returning home after spending several months in a psychiatric ward. Has anybody seen Donatello (the cat)? US PREMIERE
Thursday, March 8th, 9:15pm (Tower Theater); Saturday, March 10th, 4:00pm (Tower Theater)
The director of the film Carlos Sorin will be present at both screenings.
THE STUDENT (EL ESTUDIANTE), A film by Santiago Mitre
(Argentina, 110 min , 2011)
A student navigates the murky world of politics at the University of Buenos Aires in this brilliant
exposé of the dealings of politics at large.
Saturday, March 3rd, 9:00pm (Regal 10); Monday, March 5th, 9:30pm (Regal 18)
Director Santiago Mitre, will be present at both screenings.
(Argentina/Brazil/Chile, 110 min, 2011)
Portrait of famed Chilean singer, folklorist and multifaceted artist Violeta Parra (Francisca Gavilán) filled with her musical work, her memories, her loves and her hopes.
Wednesday, March 7th, 9:00pm (Regal Theater); Friday, March 9th, 6:30pm (Regal Theater)
VAQUERO, A film by Juan Minujín
(Argentina, 87min, 2011)
Actor-turned-filmmaker Minujin’s profoundly revealing tale of a Buenos Aires actor gunning for a major role in a big-budget Hollywood location film. US PREMIERE
Tuesday, March 6th, 6:15pm (Regal 10); Saturday, March 10th, 9:30pm (Regal 5)
Director Juan Minujín, will be present at the screening on March 6th.
TICKETS: or call 305-405-MIFF (6433). The Festival offers discounted rates for group sales of 20 tickets or more.

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