de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space

Por Letra Urbana

New Installation of Works from the Collection
Rather than doing a traditional thematic exhibition or creating a dialogue between the individual artists, this year’s overall pattern could be interpreted as a large puzzle that transcends preconceived notions of authorship.

Some of the walls in the space will be installed reminiscent of salon style. At first glance, the viewer will be overwhelmed by color and pattern. On closer observation, the pattern dissolves and the individual works reveal themselves, becoming more familiar.

Also on view: “Maintain Right” A performative installation by artist collaborative Funner Projects (Justin H. Long and Robert Lorie)

Inside the de la Cruz Collection project room, a metal crossbow, fabricated from scrap materials is set up facing a series of targets. As part of the performance, the bow is wound and measurements are taken in order to thrust single pieces of wood onto the targets. The damage brought on by the bow differs every time, creating different visual compositions as the performance continues.

de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space
23 NE 41st Street


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Letra Urbana
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